Segue’s Dreamlike Fluidity & Tranquil Dive In ‘The Island’

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Segue | The Island | Silent Season

Release Date: August 10th, 2019

To transition smoothly and easily to a following section or piece of music; without interruption. The transference from one distinction to another, clear and evident, without abrupt or unsettling disturbances.

True to the term’s definition: Jordan Sauer, known under his moniker Segue, crafts his work with evident skill when it comes to creating distinctive, flowing tracks. Careful rivers of ambience, dub techno and drone accompany one another in kind – as the artists style boasts a range of experimentation in genre: a unique electronic mastery. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada – the multi-instrumentalist returns with his ninth album ‘The Island‘, further referencing, as in previous albums, his hometown while the artist resides in Washington, DC. Ranging in influence, Segue manages to sculpt engulfing soundscapes that shimmer with emotion.

The enveloping submerge and subsequent re-emergence of ‘Sunrise Over Malaspina’ undulates in tranquility, a sweeping breeze flowing into an accompanying, gentle rhythm; clear in direction, a glowing sunrise with crystal clear intent; the structure smoothly repetitive in its presence, studded with curious textures and a bright, peaceful tone. The overlay of experimentation in texture kindles a vivid animation, picturesque in the shimmering construction of the tracks dreamscape. 

Desolation Sound’ blooms a twinkling soundscape in introduction, an ambience filtered through a sundrenched swell. A gentle beat weaves in between a kindly timbre, gradually sprouting in confidence with it’s driven presence. Dotted with textural electronics, each layer builds a vivid sphere of sound; the embrace of a confident beat, focused swells and moments of introspection in ambience creates an aura of tender upbeat reflection.

A shiver of cinematic waves brace the opening of ‘Galaxies’, an otherworldly aura glowing with natural ambience baked within a surreal dreamscape. Confident synths rise and fall as they glide through the engulfing atmosphere; soft-hearted, yet confident percussion underlying the ethereal drive of the track. In it’s gentle nature, the evolution of playful experimentation easily encompasses the definition of the term ‘segue’. 

The Island’ glimmers in cold light, singing nostalgia and introspection in it’s smooth composition; with tender touches of ambience boasting poised beats – calm and collected, yet with touches of an upbeat nature. Segue’s diligent construction of fully realised soundscapes showcases the artists colourful yet deeply personal approach in composition and arrangement. The tracks fluid and graceful as the album as a whole evolves; each composition compliments the next, forming a cohesive body of work consistent with Segue’s distinctive style.   

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