“… the kind of laid-back electronica that we can simply place on repeat and pleasantly drift away to.”  


“Taking the mood to a whole new level of intimacy… sensual vocals fall over miraculous dance”

French Shuffle

Flourishing on the party island of Ibiza, Marc Costa aka Vallès could hardly be accused of taking things easy. As Vallès, Costa uses his surroundings as the inspiration for his accomplished productions and compulsively funky tunes by blending smooth grooves and mellow filtered sounds. Having premiered the L’Étranger-produced atmospheric gem ‘Sorrow’ earlier in the year it’s now the turn of INSERTREMIXERSHERE to put their spin on Costa’s inspirational electronic piece.

With over 350,000 plays on Soundcloud, appearing at festivals such as Sónar and SOS 4.8 and sets at Ibiza’s prestigious Space nightclub, Vallès has already began to demonstrate his considerable abilities as an artist. And as these remixes illustrate his spacious music effortlessly lends itself to reinterpretation.

“I was influenced by the late 19th century impressionism movement, especially composers Debussy & Satie.” said Costa speaking of the influences that informed ‘Sorrow’, “Jazz has been another key influence, especially the works of Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.” At the tender age of 21, Costa is showing a maturity beyond his years, splicing together late 90s French house with 70s funk, encapsulated in the spirit of the island he calls home.

Having debuted his first EP St. Lucia last year, ‘Sorrow’ is the first release from a sophomore effort scheduled for later in 2015 via Thomorrow Records. Sampling The Temptations’ 1971 classic ‘Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)’ the original vocals are restructured into short slices of distilled soul. Combining this with a funky guitar lick and a laid back rhythm section, Costa creates an immersive experience whilst remaining true to the R&B essence of the original. Drenched in an hypnotic charm ‘Sorrow’ will cause you to drift away to a place of relaxation, beauty and sun-drenched intimacy with an acquaintance to his home town. The reworked versions of ‘Sorrow’ allow individual aspects of the song to take their own path, expressing the unique personality of each remixer whilst preserving the emotional impact created by Vallès. But whatever the version ‘Sorrow’ belies its title to bring you nothing but sheer pleasure.

Vallès Social Links:

Website: https://vallesmusique.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vallesmusique

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vallesmusique

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vallesmusique

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