Thriftworks, Jake Atlas, is a producer hailing from Berkley, California who offers his own uniquely original take on forward thinking electronic music, weaving eclectic samples and explosive modern bass that continually pushes the envelope while taking the art of beat-crafting to new heights.

His sound is influenced by Hip Hop and has touches of Glitch, IDM and Dubstep. Thriftworks began producing Hip Hop loops after being inspired by artists like Prefuse 73 & The Hunchback Esquire. Through living in California he was opened up to a whole world of Electronic music, he began to experiment with Dubstep (“Hermetic” EP) and Psychedelic Hip Hop (“ZenZero” EP). 2012 saw the release of his “Rainmaker” EP, which was noted by some as being one of the finest electronic albums of 2012. The album’s throbbing, deep low-end and wall to wall synths channeled an enigmatic, visual atmosphere, offering up an intoxicating musical high.   

Garnering much praise from fans and critics alike with his steady stream of new material, Thriftworks is quickly becoming known as one of the finest experimental producers with his outside the box sound and unclassifiable style.


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