Anthology Part 1 is the upcoming EP from the French producer Øfdream to be will be released via THE PLAYGROUND Records. Having already shared stages with the likes of Vitalic, Com Truise, Lorn and Mamiko Motto, this debut EP is set to be the inception of a significant upwards trajectory for Øfdream’s dark blend of melodious trap and heavy alternative electronic sound.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Nothing Here, Klimeks, Lorn, The Prodigy, Massive Attack and Mssingno, Øfdream’s forays into production began with early experiments in progressive house. Dabbling in hip hop and creating new sounds and textures, his sound began to take shape akin to the garage, trap and electronic music by which he was influenced. The result is a remarkable debut with groundbreaking tracks “Thelema” and “Fallen Angel.”  

Listen to Anthology EP here:


EP Tracklist:

1: Fallen Angel

2: First Woe

3: Ninth Gate

4: Thelema


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