Nuage, the French for cloud, the perfect word to describe an artist who creates music that’s soft, light and dreamlike. 

Nuage hails from St. Petersburg, a haven for the Russian electronic music scene. Home to forward thinking Drum & Bass producers like Enei and light, conventional electronic producers like Monokle. Nuage has firmly found his place in between these scenes, drawing influence from both and moulding them into his unique sound.

In 2011 Nuage teamed up with fellow Russian producer Getz and released acclaimed Drum & Bass LP’s “Anywhere Here” and “Music Is Life,” the albums bore similarity to the work of Seba with their progressive direction and polished beats. Nuage then followed up the releases with his first solo outing, “Music Of Branches” which would set a change in direction, leading Nuage to create more diverse, laid back sounds that would help define the artist’s aesthetics. Nuage’s diverse nature has lead him to go onto releasing with a variety of labels, including Med School, Absys, IM:LTD, Fokuz and La Roche.


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