White Gold is the first single to come from American duo, NKOSI. Drawing influence from Psychedelic Furs, Siouxie and the Banshees and Pink Floyd, NKOSI are largely characterised by their attraction to the sounds of new-wave past and present and it’s evident in their sound. Expect indie electro-pop with 80’s influenced melodies that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Friendly Fires record, and expect it to be set off with blissful vocals that could readily have them competing with the front runners of its kind.

Dave Sherman and Echoboyy are both east-coast natives who moved to LA to pursue a career in music, separately. Echoboyy was a vocalist for an up-and-coming rock group and Sherman a guitarist in a hip-hop band (Audible Mainframe). Having previously featured on tracks together and occasionally shared stages, when the two musicians found themselves at loose ends, they decided to join forces. The two began collaborating on songs as a creative outlet and what started as somewhat of a catharsis has now developed into an intriguing and inspiring project. There’s a captured sense of sincerity that has been guided by their experiences and the lessons they’ve learnt during early endeavours. “We’ve always wanted to produce and record our own music on our own terms, in our own studio.  The freedom you get allows you to be more creative, and hone the songs without outside influence.” says vocalist Echoboyy.

White Gold demonstrates razor-sharp vocal delivery from Echoboyy over Dave Sherman’s sampled-guitar technique. In fact, every instrument you can hear comes from Sherman alone. A wizard on guitar, bass, synths and drum programming; his musical abilities speak volumes. Echoboyy’s vocals seal the deal and are unimpeachably impressive. Creating new wave electronic dance music with an emphasis on intricate, melodic vocals; NKOSI have found their niche.

NKOSI‘s album is in the pipeline and will highlight their affinity for the 80’s whilst keeping the current electronic music scene firmly insight. As individuals they have experienced both of tragedy and triumph; as a duo they will produce their strongest musical creation to date.


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