“Every track on West Berlin is more enjoyable than anything in the current UK Top 50 (except maybe Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” and that Stormzy one).”

The Arts Desk

“Melodic, endlessly inventive techno, NHOAH leaves plenty of space in his work, space that other producers use to find their own identity.”

Clash Magazine

“[NHOAH’s] ‘Abstellgleis’ works primarily with circular patterns that establish a trancey mood and gently grow and expand as the piece proceeds. It creates a great deal of movement and energy.”



Prolific techno producer NHOAH has added to his creative portfolio once again, this time in the form of “Stairway To Nothingness – Glacier Concert”, a live video performed on a suspended glass stairway 9000 feet on the highest mountain of Styria, Austria: the Dachstein Glacier. presenting itself with legendary natural scenery and a panoramic view over the mountain peaks of Austria far to the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

The 71-minute video is edited by visual artist Mickael Le Goff, who recently worked alongside Award-winning German composer Robot Koch on ‘Sphere’, an audiovisual show designed for planetariums. The video features vocals by Lulu Schmidt and Ina Viola, all performed while suspended against a breathtaking backdrop of vast desolation. NHOAH is also preparing to release his new EP Technosoul over the coming months.

NHOAH’s impressive body of work has garnered the recognition of publications such as Resident Advisor, The Quietus, TRAX Mag, Clash Mag, PopMatters, Data Transmission, The Arts Desk, Electronic Groove and Radio 6 Music’s Nemone. His recent release victories include his debut album, “West-Berlin” and “Abstellgleis zu Remixen” and “120 Red Skies zu Remixen”, both featuring outstanding remixes from the likes of 808 State, µ-Ziq, Pixelord, Peter Zirbs and Mieko Suzuki. His former release, the video for “Lichter (Remix)” was premiered by Trax Magazine and was directed by Anne Metzen of Standard Euro with visuals provided by Hajo Rehm, who has held fashion shows for NIKE, won awards such as Olympia Peking 2008 Art Show, Murmuration, Bergen / Norwegen 2012 & Shanghai 2015 (phase7), and has performed or worked with Live VJ Nature One, Love-Parade, Time Warp and Gründer VJ-Label “LICHTFRONT” to name a  few.

NHOAH’s Melodic Techno is set apart by his use of harmonies and melodies, as well as complex vocals not often seen in today’s Techno world. His affinity for spaces and places is reflected in his music, and the accompanying set to Stairway To Nothingness – Glacier Concert’’ is no exception. Scenes characterised by overwhelming views of countless alpine summits, the glacier lends itself to artistic endeavour. Brimming with contrast, the video presents stark visuals of space, wilderness, uncultivated and uninhabited landscape laid over with NHOAH’s textured  patterns of chiming synths and electronic blips. The dizzying heights and pure majesty of the Dachstein Glacier juxtapose the tiny human figures, creating a sense of limitless freedom – much like the freedom found in music itself.  

Speaking of the experience, NHOAH says: “It was an amazing experience to play live at 9000 feet above sea level. A year of planning, 10 people and just 2 hours at  sunset to play the set – including many brand new tracks. I was very cold. It was not easy to play with shivering fingers in 6 degrees celsius. My instrument displays went crazy as well, but at the same time, my heart leapt for joy over the almost divine moment. The feelings we shared while we were performing were the perfect expression of what the music stands for. That was the decisive moment to name the upcoming album Technosoul.”

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