“Magical Mistakes doesn’t need heavy drops or sultry hooks, his tenderly pastoral style of production is infatuating enough as it is.”

The Line Of Best Fit

“A violent car crash of ideas, sounds and textures; yet despite everything, something utterly beautiful is formed.”

Crack In The Road

Magical Mistakes (a.k.a Erik Luebs) is a Californian musician who currently resides in Osaka, Japan. Following the path of other artists, like Bon Iver, Magical Mistakes moved to Shibasan, one of Japan’s most rural villages, to create his sound. Here he was able to draw inspiration from his environment and also from the lineage of contemplative beats crafted by the vibrant community of Osaka artists, such as Shlohmo and Mount Kimbie. It’s clear when listening to Magical Mistakes that his style strives to combine Eastern and Western influences. His tracks are textural, bellbathed, slow slung electronic compositions blended with organic instrumentation, Japanese motifs, and ambient sounds, that create an immersive underwater effect.  He takes the emotional, and sends it off on trippy tangents which, if they weren’t anchored by a beat, could float away into unmapped space. It’s experimental, but it’s captivating, a deeper, fuller sound that seems to envelop the listener completely.

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