FUTURE MONARCHS are a band eleven years in the making. Built around the songwriting talents of childhood friends and bandmates Bobby Lord and Jake Anderson, they have pulled together the disparate influences of the 60’s British Invasion pop, Laurel Canyon folk and the indie rock that they grew up with into a sound that is as infectiously familiar as it is paradoxically original.

With over a year’s worth of demos and over a hundred songs between them, Lord and Anderson were both excited to create an outlet for their music. Visualizing a group that could syndicate Lord’s refined hook-infused pop with Anderson’s earnestly organic singer/songwriter romanticism– FUTURE MONARCHS was formed. Lord handed their demos to Columbia College sound recording professor Josh Shapera who, enthused by their songs, solicited the help of his friend Pat Sansone (of Wilco) as co-producer. The result was the 6-song EP Weird Weather.



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