“With reams of brainy hardware electro to his name, some of it released on Rephlex Records, EOD owes Aphex Twin about as big a debt as Bjarki does. The two producers channel different sides of Aphex: Bjarki his imagination and disruptive energy, EOD specific parts of his sound and technique. This makes the Swurlk EP a fairly strait-laced addition to the madcap bbbbbb catalogue. But it’s a satisfying bit of modern braindance, striking a classic RDJ-style balance between itchy machine-funk groove and lush synthetic melody.” RESIDENT ADVISOR

Born August 7th 1985 in Trondheim, Norway, Stian Gjevik, protégé of Rephlex Records brings out all sorts of off-kilter, pitched down lounge music and pitched up braindance and/or breakbeat flavours analog production. With “gigabytes of unheard music dating back to 2002” all produced without a computer, he’s previously released on labels like WéMè Records, Rephlex, sleepers, cpu, 030303 and bbbbbb. Channeling ambient, electro and hard techno in latest bbbbbb releases, the label describes it as, “a must listen for fans of melodic electro and an exciting move from a label that continues to challenge all our fucking expectations.”


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