“Devyanin displays meticulous arrangement skills… a producer who doesn’t hear the usual limitations and is willing to let his music travel in any number of directions”


“Another ambitious endeavour.. a real testament to the unbridled weirdness of the Internet and a celebration of the different characters hidden in its depths”


“A producer who’s immersed in the expansive world of internet culture and art which reps a new wave of warehouse, rave and techno sounds”


“An unforgiving lesson in live electronic music”


“Human.exe” is the new LP taken from cyber-futurism experimental electronic artist Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord slated for release on the 9th September whilst the first single will be dropped on the 5th August via Hyperboloid Records. Pixelord has garnered previous support from the likes of Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, Thump, Boiler Room, has played at Berghain, Talinn Music Week, Electric Castle alongside The Prodigy, State-X New Forms with James Blake and Dark Star, toured the US and China extensively, remixed everyone from 813, Machinedrum, Eprom, Herobust, Ryan Hemsworth and released music for tastemaker labels such as Error Broadcast, Leisure System, Infinite Machine and Hit & Hope to critical acclaim.

Alexey Devyanin is at the forefront of an ever-evolving Russian scene that many consider one of most exciting musical developments in recent years. Pixelord sits among a current wealth of producers where sound dominates over genre, mashing elements of Futuristic Bass, Footwork, Garage and Grime together into a unique take on bass music. In 2014 Pixelord performed at the first ever Boiler Room in Russia and in 2015 collaborated with Marcos Zotes to make the soundtrack for a video mapping installation in Moscow.

Described by Resident Advisor as chameleonic, due to his diverse range and ability to conjure such unique sounds and characteristics, Moscow’s Pixelord takes things even further with latest LP “Human.exe” delivering soundscapes of a dystopian future echoing otherworldly sounds tailor-made for Chris Cunningham and science fiction cult classic “Blade Runner”. Drawing influence from the likes of Aphex Twin, Mark Pritchard, Clark and LORN, the LP is tough and touching in the same breath using his cyborg ‘Human.exe’ to express his emotions, creating robust rhythms merging elements of bass, IDM and future beats to take you onto a journey through this pixelated and warped sonic dimension.

Alexey explains: “‘Human.exe’ is about a robot who wants to be a human but still he is a program, exe file. The video will be about this particular robot too. My music was always retro futuristic and nostalgic about old computers and systems, this time as well .exe is the reference to my childhood, Idm music, DOS programs and cyber romanticism.”.

“Human.exe” will be out on vinyl and on all digital outlets on the 9th September. Watch this space for imminent updates as Pixelord brings new LP “Human.exe” to light.

Human.exe’s Tracklist:

Gear Soul


Chrome Tears




Metal Mutant

Fix Me


Exo Club


Human 10


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