Finnish Grammy-winning music producer JORI SJÖROOS releases song ‘GOTH PERREO’

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   Image credit: Paavo Lehtonen

Multiple Finnish Grammy award (Emma-Award) winner JORI SJÖROOS has released his latest single ‘GOTH PERREO’, which will feature on his forthcoming album release, SJÖROOTS. Featured on the single is JORI’s wife and fellow collaborator Chisu, who has 12 Finnish Grammy’s under her belt and currently sits over 35 million Spotify streams to date.  Filled with the angelic vocals of Chisu and somber and dramatic notes of JORI SJÖROOS fusing together to create ‘GOTH PERREO’, the listener will be left to ponder and create their own narrative. The single was recorded via JORI SJÖROOS and Chisu’s 11 ONES imprint.

JORI SJÖROOS elaborates on the meaning behind the track, “I was jamming with a reggaeton beat and wanted to push it as dark as possible. I had this image of 2 people twerking each other in a dark club built in a church made of stone. I needed some classic vibes for the song so I requested opera vocals from my wife who’s an artist and an extraordinary singer. I’m inspired by the freaky Latin American underground reggaeton/dancehall movement called “Neo Perreo”, and as a fan, I wanted to do my own “Perreo” which became “GOTH PERREO”.”



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