Labyrinth Sessions: Studio Barnhus (Axel Boman b2b Kornél Kovács b2b Pedrodollar)All Night Long

May 7

Labyrinth Sessions: Studio Barnhus (Axel Boman b2b Kornél Kovács b2b Pedrodollar)All Night Long
 10:00 PM - May 8 5:00 AM





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  Public Event
  Price: £
  May 7 - May 8
10:00 PM to 5:00 AM
  Min age: 18

The wonderful Studio Barnhus trio of Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Pedrodollar play b2b2b all night long at Village Underground, for the very first time on Saturday 18th December.

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With these Stockholm music enthusiasts at the controls of East London’s favourite dance floor from start to finish – you can be sure this will make for unapologetically good fun old fashioned knees up, just in time for the festive season.

Labyrinth Sessions is a series of shows that allow artists to dig deep into their record collection, showcase the full range of their DJ skills and build energy from the start of the evening to the final track.

The events are spread across some of London’s leading clubs and focus on intimacy between the artist and the audience. A level of intimacy that we’ve all missed so much over the past year.

Every event will see Labyrinth work with their visual production team, to create a new lighting experience for each party, designed in close collaboration with the artist on each show.

By purchasing a Labyrinth Season ticket you gain admission for every show on the Labyrinth Session series, including this Studio Barnhus showcase.

Village Underground

54 Holywell Lane; Shoreditch; London EC2A 3PQ; United Kingdom

Sat, 7 May 2022

22:30 – 05:00

  • Electronic
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