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Chris Bound

Ethereal electronic outfit Mt Wolf have been a hot tip on the UK’s underground music scene for some time now. Their haunting production and tortured vocals have given them critical acclaim across a number of sources, and the ever rising numbers attending their live shows is a sure sign that things are looking good for this cult 4-piece. And with the release of their latest EP ‘Hypolight’ now available, Mt Wolf now have a template for all the doubters to hear how good they actually are.

This small 4-track EP of new material not only gives an idea of what Mt Wolf are capable of, but also highlights the incredible voice of lead vocalist Kate Sproule. Her flawless delivery aptly builds to the EPs final track, a cover of Usher’s single ‘Climax’, which even on its own keeps its production very minimal to extenuate the voice needed to pull it off. But this is all part and parcel to Mt Wolf whose seemingly effortless style is all what makes them such an engrossing group to listen to.

From just this small collection of songs, it’s clear that Mt Wolf are capable of big things. A unique sound coupled with some incredibly talented individuals has proven to be a winning combination that has helped them bring some diversity to the UK’s music scene.

Hypolight by Mt. Wolf

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