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Chris Bound

Oliver, otherwise known as DJ duo U-Tern and Oligee, are set to be one of the hottest new names on the electro scene for 2013. The pair have been honing their craft over the last few years with remixes for Chromeo, Foster The People and Breakbot, but with the release of their latest EP ‘Mechanical’ on A-Trak’s Fools Gold Records, the pair are finally getting noticed as superb composers in their own right.

‘Mechanical’ is a fusion of 80s synth pop and Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ era electro, that creates a sound that is not only impeccably brilliant but also highly addictive. Opening track ‘MYB’ should, by all right, be one of the biggest tunes of the year. An electro pop slice of fun that is as diverse and interesting as Sebastian or Justice, while ‘Control’ shows off their funk and disco influences as it moves from one catchy hook to another with ease.

Although Oliver have now begun to get some mainstream radio play, this EP is surely the first step to a great career in the electro scene and has certainly raised the bar for many fledging producers.

Oliver - MYB by weareoliver
Oliver - Night Is On My Mind by weareoliver
Oliver - Control by weareoliver
Oliver - Mechanical by weareoliver

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