It is now four months since Generate app was launched in beta, sharing the different features such as filters, sliders, and audio-reactivity. Already shared by our more than 70,000 creators in 132 countries and counting Generate has now gone on to providing visuals for the upcoming Wachowski’s directed Sci-Fi film SENSE 8.

Generate lets you record videos and capture images using several vibrant real-time filters, more usually seen in desktop editing software than in smartphone apps. Each of these filters changes during recording in response to ambient audio, making for a truly unique capture. Photos and videos can be layered, and filters can be combined, all controlled using simple sliders. A few of our favourites that show what can be created include the below:







Today photo apps are ubiquitous – created at a dime a dozen, yet often so similar in their output.  Few of these apps are created by artists, or offer real creative possibilities beyond basic filters.  The overall vision of Generate is to make creativity possible through an collection of tools and features around interaction, art and technology.  These include the realization of our app for  iPhone, Android, other mobile devices, and an eventual web / desktop version.  The toolkit currently includes creating photo and video works, audio reactivity, a suite of curated filters, live recording, live performance and projection, sharing, a curated feed; and will eventually add different modes of event interaction, physical objects, filter packs, and further iterations responding to the needs of the creative culture we are a part of.

The creators behind GENERATE are a company called Hybridity, an artist-run company, with a track record of conceptualising and producing large-scale installations, visual art, music and events. For Generate, they wanted to make a mobile creativity tool, giving users everywhere the opportunity to turn everyday sights and sounds in to unique new artistic expressions. To do so, they worked with 25 selected digital artists and musicians internationally to learn what such a tool should look like.

The team includes Jesse Scott (, Patrick Daggitt (, Leó Stefánsson (, Rafael Puyana (, Sarah Cole-Burnett (, David Schwartz (, Adam Marshall ( , Chris Coldeway ( , Zefan Sramek, and Martin Schueller (  Each of them have their own practices creating work around the intersection of art, technology and computational aesthetics, including installation, projection, electronic music and sound design.  The way they crossover in their specific practices is part of what makes Generate so unique.

Founder Malcolm quotes:”Generate is the culmination of the last 15 years of my life, professionally and culturally. Every conversation I’ve had, art installation I’ve presented, event I’ve curated, or panel I’ve spoken on – from New York to Berlin, Shanghai to Delhi, Istanbul to London – has played a role in the development of Generate.  Its this not only technology, but cultures, that makes Generate what it is.”




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