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City Cycle Style

Back to News ListWednesday 28 September 2011

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City Cycle Style

If every cyclist in London were to join in with a rendition of ‘Bicycle race’ by Queen they would succeed in making quite a racket. And that racket would continue to crescendo with every virgin cyclist to peddle the city streets for the first time. And naturally, as well as getting its owner from ‘a’ to ‘b’, each bicycle becomes an extension of its style conscious owner’s own personal aesthetic.

Consequentially, leading Fashion Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs has launched a new exhibition this month entitled City Cycle Style. Located at The Royal Exchange in Bank, the photographic exhibition selects 40 of the aforementioned cyclists to saddle up and pose candidly with their rides.

Designed to ring a ding a ling the bell for London’s most swaggish cyclists, the collection features portraits of Brit Design Legend Sir Paul Smith, as well as London Mayor/ bike nut Boris Johnson. Open 24 hours a day, the showcase is situated outside of the luxury shopping centre, making it the perfect pit stop. Once more from the top; ‘bicycle, bicycle…’

Jodie Kharas

CITY CYCLE STYLE runs at The Royal Exchange in Bank from September 28 – October 29.

Photography: © horst a. friedrichs - jonny woo on a 3-speed dutchie bike

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