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5 Minutes with... Bloodflower

BackFriday 22 February 2013

Photographer: Caption: Bloodflower... Mirrored

5 Minutes with... Bloodflower

After gaining some great support from a number of national radio stations, we caught up with electronic duo Bloodflower to ask how the new album is going, how surprised they were by the response they received for their debut single and what the next 12 months are shaping up to be.

Hi Bloodflower, how are you today?

JONNIE OWEN: I'm very well thank you, apart from realising that although I have the opportunity to go and watch the Foals at Heaven this Thursday in London something's come up this end so I can't make it grrrr.

TOM MANNING: Very well, I have just bought 'Around the World in a Day' by Prince, i've been after this for a while.

Excellent!. Firstly, how did the two of you meet and what made you decide to start making music together?

JO: Tom and I met through various projects and we always got on professionally, we kept in touch and became good mates. Tom called me up in August of last year (2012) when he heard that my band had split up to let me know about some studio time he had been offered at Monnow valley studios.

TM: Indeed, I was interested in exploring the more electronic side of both of us. Jonnie had spoken to me about some ideas he'd been trying and I wanted to see if there was a way that we could translate them... Going into the studio with no idea of a direction or process is the best feeling in the world. You have no pressure and can approach any situation with a sense of naivety. You can create without stress or expectation, there is no objectivity involved which is a way in which I really enjoy working, initially at least.

JO: The first song we worked on was Indigo, we both fell in love with the track and how freely we could work as a duo. I have always played guitar and sung in post rock bands so I wanted to get away from that and go for something far more dynamic. The first thing I did at Tom's proposal was to write with any instruments other than guitar. I found the experience very liberating and have found a completely new way of writing, from playing bass to making loops to creating sounds with non musical instruments. Tom has also encouraged me to try out different styles and techniques with my voice, bringing it to the forefront and using it as an instrument.

For those unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

JO: Tricky question this, I suppose it's best to have a listen and decide for yourself.

TM: I guess to add to that we don't sound like megadeath, its electronic.

You recently finished your debut album 'Circadian clock', can you tell us what you had in mind when you were recording the album?

TM: The album is still a work in progress, we are just enjoying writing without pressure as the album will take it's own natural course. But so far we have been focusing on not selling anything to ourself, being very honest and not holding onto anything. The great thing about writing as a pair is that you only have two people to please, we write the music for ourselves first, people can then make what they want of it.

JO: As the lyricist I could easily give you a dissertation on each song but I find this gives too much away. We want people to find their own meaning's withing the layers of our music. I find it pointless to give an in depth meaning to each song before a person has listened to it. We want to grant people ownership. What I will say though is that the lyrics are the most personal I have written.

Your single ‘Indigo’ has already got some noticeable buzz around it. What kind of tour are you looking to book once this album drops?

JO: Yes, we are very pleased with the way Indigo has been received and are looking forward to see if the rest of the material will have the same attention. We want the live experience for us to develop the same way as the songs have. We're in no rush to gig at the moment but have found some wonderful musicians to help Tom and I translate what we have done in the studio. We're excited about it and have loads of great ideas already. There's lots of talk of festivals.

And what are you hoping to have achieved by the end of 2013?

TM: well I don't know about Jon but I want to feel as though I have created something that reflects what I hear in my head, and hopefully to share that with as many people as possible.

JO: Absolutely, Finishing the album and both Tom and I being happy with it would be an amazing feeling and achievement for both of us. The live set growing strength by strength would also be great. In general though, just making lots of noise and taking each phase as it comes......

And finally, if you weren't making music, what do you think you would have been doing instead?

TM: Well I've always enjoyed cooking so maybe a chef?

JO: Having always had a love for music I can't imagine doing anything else, but as a kid I was convinced i'd be an archaeologist. Now that sounds boring but Indiana Jones' adventures gave me a bit of a kick when I was a kid. Perhaps this is why i've gone on to study history, who knows, Now where did I put my whip?

Bloodflower's new single 'Indigo' is available now as a free download. Click here to grab your copy or listen to the stream below.

Indigo by Bloodflower by iambloodflower

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