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5 Minutes with... Laidback Luke

BackThursday 31 January 2013

Photographer: Caption: Laidback Luke... Loving Life

5 Minutes with... Laidback Luke

As 'Super You & Me' gets ever closer to its debut UK show, we caught up with the night's ever flamboyant curator Laidback Luke to find out what we can expect on the night, what his new material is all about and whether he'll be wearing his superhero costume.

Hi Luke, how are you today?

I'm doing great, thank you! Hope you're not bad yourself.

Yeah, good thanks.You are about to bring your ‘Super Me & You’ show to London. Are you excited about having the show to the UK?

Yes, I'm very excited! We are doing a weekender and the first show sold out so quickly. The second show is doing
very well too, it's set to be a big one!

And what can we expect at ‘Super Me & You’ London?

Expect what we did at Cream at Amnesia Ibiza but one level up. We'll bring the same fun and craziness and we'll make you feel like heroes that can take on the whole world!

You are about to release the single ‘Pogo’ with Majestic soon. What do you enjoy most about collaborating with other artists?

The chemistry needs to be there. It's that chemistry that makes for a good end result. Majestic and I vibe really well.
I had something bouncy in mind and the lyrics he wrote to the Pogo instrumental were totally on point.

And will this single be part of an EP later in the year?

An EP is a collection of four tracks, so no. And if you meant an album, the answer is no too. I'm very focused on just releasing singles as it usually takes about 1.5 year to finish an album. In this day and age, to have nothing out for 1.5 year can be the end of your career. I'd rather put something out every month than wait that long.

And what about your label Mixmash? What new material can we expect out of that soon?

Mixmash is always on the go! We're pretty much fully scheduled until June at the moment. A ton of releases coming up. We just released a massive track by Oliver Twizt 'Let Me See You Do It' and we have new tracks by Christian Luke, Nicolas Strands, Metro and Danny Barajas on the way.

Apart from ‘Super You & Me’ later this year, where else are you going to be performing in the months to come?

The DJ life is one big ongoing tour! I always say: "Please keep an eye on my schedule on www.laidbackluke.com
or download my free app", so you can see in the coming weeks, I'm playing Croatia, Germany, France and Italy for instance.

And what goals have you set for yourself in 2013?

I'm shooting more videos this year as I feel I have some tracks that are coming that really deserve one. Very much looking forward to releasing 'Dynamo' with Hardwell and my collab with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike after 'Pogo'.

Finally, what are you planning to pack when you visit the UK?

My superhero outfit for 'Super You & Me' in London of course!

The 'Super You & Me' Weekender will take place on the 1st + 2nd March at Brixton Electric, with Friday tickets already sold out. Click here for tickets and stream the new single 'Pogo' below.

Laidback Luke feat. Majestic - Pogo (Dub Mix) Snip by LaidbackLuke

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