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Alberto di Fabio

BackWednesday 13 February 2013

Photographer: Caption:

Alberto di Fabio

Obvious and understandable comparisons to hallucinogenic drugs aside (ah the nostalgia!), there's something familiar about the works of Alberto di Fabio. Whilst having the same aesthetic of hand rendered illustrations for science fiction paperbacks in the sixties, it's the natural precision that chimes most instantly for the viewer. These 'optical illusion' like works went on display today in an exhibition created in collaboration with the world renowned Gagosian Gallery.

Running until April 7th, Intervention will form part of Esoterick Gallery's permanent collection and will be displayed in striking arrangements over the building’s stairwell windows- for additional dizzying impact. Di Fabio’s work has consistently investigated the natural world, and his painterly style has made his a favourite amongst critics since the 80's. These are paintings that defy the brush in their perfection, whose kinetic energy physically moves the reader and reminds us something spiritual. Or chemical, it must be said.

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