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Dan Witz: Prisoners

BackTuesday 22 January 2013

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Dan Witz: Prisoners

Dan Witz is a NY based Graffer (why do they always gets the best ones) whose hint of the Banksy (stenciling, wit- oh wait that could be a million people) has made Steve Lazarides raise his eyebrows. At Lazarides gallery, run by aforementioned Steve (art dealer who first set the 'from the wall to gallery' movement in motion), Witz will be displaying a series of works as part of 'Prisoners', a graffiti-photo study of political prisoners made with the help of Amnesty International. Alongside this he will be displaying some works from his Mosh Pit series, and overuse of brackets and sneering aside, we're excited.

Combining the latest in digital reproduction with the old master's technique of illusionism, the artist's lifelike figures appear as if from nowhere on sign-posts, walls, windows and manhole grates across the world. Painting and layering over digital photographs, each image is designed to surprise the viewer, taking them aback from the expected into an alarming state of disbelief. Sometimes the feeling is fear. Other times, amusement.

Witz himself hasn't always worked like this, though much of his work has focused on logos and symbolism even if without the human face.

His Most Pit series is, well self-explanatory, but keep a look out for his customised London phoneboxes, giving them the same NY treatment that shot him to fame.

Dan Witz: Prisoners 2012 - 2013 runs from 25th January 2013 - 23rd February 2013 at Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, London

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