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BackTuesday 22 January 2013

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Let us introduce you to the newest, hottest and instantly recognisable street artist working the concrete jungle of New York. His name is RAE and this Friday he will be debuting London at our favourite East End graff-haven, Signal Gallery.

His latest show, enticingly titled 'Nocturnal Trips' is, in the artist's own words

'everything and nothing about how art relates to my existence. In a literal sense, it deals with the the "trips" I take to install the work I put up on the streets at night and how the city seems a lot different when your scheming as opposed to getting a latte'

As Londoners, I am sure that's a sentiment we can all get behind. RAE's USP can be regarded as improvement. Working in rundown places with oppressing blank spaces, RAE doesn't target areas for the most visibility, rather he approaches spaces that need life. Sounds pretty serene? Guess again.

'n a more metaphorical sense, "Nocturnal Trips" deals with the thoughts, flashbacks and projections I think about when going in and out of an awake-sleep state in the middle of the night.  The body may be physically resting but the mind continues to work.  I get more work done tossing and turning in my bed, getting up to take a pee or checking my front window for crimes being committed then I do most mid-days. Those nocturnal thoughts, however absurd or realistic they may be, play out as random images, in a non-sensical way, but are usually the most fruitful and translatable to my work'.

Madmen or Genius? There's only one place to find out…

RAE's 'Nocturnal Trips' runs 25th Jan - 16th Feb 13 at Shoreditch's Signal Gallery

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