Justin Bieber goes Deep House?!

Looks like the “success” of Bieber’s Ibiza DJ set has inspired a new direction…. Recently Justin Bieber has posted some videos on his Instagram showing what he’s been up to since the release of his last album, “Journals.” One video in particular features Justin’s vocals layered over a bouncy, big room beat that sounds exhaustingly familiar to the post-Disclosure chart …

pg-adminJustin Bieber goes Deep House?!

J Dilla to be inducted into the Smithsonian Museum

J Dilla’s Moog and MPC are to be presented in the Smithsonian Museum as part of a new African-American History & Culture exhibition. Detroit bred producer J Dilla left behind a massive legacy, with collaborations from MF Doom, De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest he was arguably a huge influence on late 90′s Hip Hop. Having previously won …

pg-adminJ Dilla to be inducted into the Smithsonian Museum

Channel One under threat

The famous Channel One soundsystem faces the threat of being removed from their spot at Notting Hill Carnival.  For the past 32 years Channel One have graced the Carnival with their rich dub sounds but local residents have voiced their outrage and have lobbied to move Channel One. Complaints include: migraines brought on by excessive volume, property damage, over-crowding and some even claim …

pg-adminChannel One under threat

Pioneer unveil new turntable

Pioneer mark 20 years in the industry by releasing the long awaited turntable set to replace the old war horse, Technics. Back in January this year Q-Bert tantalised turntablists’ taste-buds by “spilling the beans” on a new project with Pioneer. Rumours and predictions came thick and fast and today they can officially be confirmed. Available August 2014 the PLX-1000 offers …

pg-adminPioneer unveil new turntable

Intergroove announces bankruptcy

Intergroove has filed for bankruptcy. The German distributor who looks after 300 record labels, such as Ministry of Sound and Get Physical, vows to continue through managing director Ralf Reichert and produce records and CD’s.  “We will do everything we can to clean up the company of insolvency and continue Intergroove.” The news comes days after ST Holdings also announced …

pg-adminIntergroove announces bankruptcy

Sun sets on Pacha London

After 13 years Pacha London has announced that it will forever close its doors after September 2014. The renowned club night, an off shoot of the legendary Ibiza Club, has stated that it is changing direction to accommodate the current evolving trends of the capital’s music scene.  The club is expected to close during the last week of September, the …

pg-adminSun sets on Pacha London

5 minutes with… Stélouse

Stélouse aka Ross Ryan is an up and coming experimental electronic music producer and DJ from Denver, Colorado in the US. He went from starring in rock bands after high school to crafting his own electronic music. After producing music under numerous aliases, Ryan eventually started uploading bootlegs and edits to Soundcloud under the name StéLouse and stuck with it. …

pg-admin5 minutes with… Stélouse
P-80 - promo 2

5 minutes with… P-80

Trap has now found a firm place in Canada frequently producing creative artists who transform their somber surroundings in to bass driven floor-fillers. Based in the remote town of Nova Scotia, Canada, P-80 has been keeping pockets of bass lovers warm with his energetic DJ sets. Merging well known bass music with underground gems distinguishes his sound, allowing his sets …

pg-admin5 minutes with… P-80
NO. 16

THE PLAYGROUND presents Derrick May + A Guy Called Gerald- [Live in Session] + Barem + French Kiwi Juice + Richard Fearless [Drone/DEATH IN VEGAS] + Last Magpie +

  ►DERRICK MAY - One of the Belleville Three, the cadre of Detroit musicians who tested the levels of spirit within electronic dance music and changed the integrity of the form forever. Derrick May gained huge success during Britain’s house explosion with his hit “String of Life,” described by Frankie Knuckles as “… something you can’t imagine, the kind of power …

pg-adminTHE PLAYGROUND presents Derrick May + A Guy Called Gerald- [Live in Session] + Barem + French Kiwi Juice + Richard Fearless [Drone/DEATH IN VEGAS] + Last Magpie +

Eloq – The Playground Mix

Danish-born August Fenger, aka ELOQ, has gained an impressive amount of ground in a remarkably short time; not only through his own efforts, but through his co-owned hip-hop meets dancehall imprint, CHEFF Records. At the tender age of 23 the Dane has already managed to bag himself gold and platinum certified records in his home land. He has since gained …

pg-adminEloq – The Playground Mix