TASTELESSRED, real name Joe Carney, hasn’t been making music for all that long, which makes the production on this track all the more impressive. Carney is originally from Liverpool, but now resides in Canada as part of Vancouver’s Dripsy Collective. Murmuring, breathy vocals, a steady chillwave beat and flirtatious ambience make up Uno Mas and yes, it’s just as beguiling as it sounds. Listen below …

Outlook - boat party - credit Jack Pasco

Outlook Festival Announces 2015 Boat Parties

Croatia’s Outlook Festival is celebrating its 8th birthday this year and what better way to celebrate than with a shed load of the nautical knees ups they’ve become renowned for. This years boat party hosts will include Swamp 81, Just Jam, Renegade Hardware, High Focus, Channel One Sound, Reggae Roast, Norman Jay’s Good Times and more, while guests will include …

pg-adminOutlook Festival Announces 2015 Boat Parties

REVIEW: Favela – Future Visions

This lad from Leeds is fast becoming a hit. Recently signed to Trangressive Records, if you haven’t heard of Favela, as the man himself is known, then you’re missing a trick. His latest EP is expertly produced with intricate percussion and soothing chimes. Favela can easily be compared to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – and is that a compliment? Absolutely. …

pg-adminREVIEW: Favela – Future Visions

Win 2 x VIP Tickets To Farr Festival

The Playground are giving away 2 x VIP tickets to one of the UK’s favourite boutique electronic festivals.  Check out the video for last years festival here for a taster of what you can expect. To enter, head to THE PLAYGROUND’s Facebook page and follow the steps. Good luck! 

pg-adminWin 2 x VIP Tickets To Farr Festival

REVIEW: Pangaea – Something In Your Eye

Pangaea.  The primordial land mass.  Also the interview-shy 2-step maestro.  One of them has released ‘Something In Your Eye’, the first track on an upcoming EP (the other hasn’t released much in the last couple of years beyond the odd pyroclastic flow). Imagine four children who stumble across a box of percussive instruments and somehow manage to strike up a 4/4 beat between …

pg-adminREVIEW: Pangaea – Something In Your Eye

TRACK OF THE DAY: Wise Blood – Big Data

Wise Blood released Babyland via Hopesick Cola a few weeks back; an EP which has cemented Chris Laufman’s status as some kind of obscure-pop oracle.  A disjointed fairground ride of sounds, Babyland lunges you sharply around corners without warning and it does so deliberately.  Speaking about his release, the Pittsburg musician wrote: “Over the past year I have taken time to focus on different aspects of my music, largely focusing on …

pg-adminTRACK OF THE DAY: Wise Blood – Big Data

Jay Z Plays Free Show For Tidal Subscribers

Jay Z played a free show on Saturday exclusively for Tidal subscribers. In addition to using the show to promote his heavily scrutinised streaming service, the rapper took it as an opportunity to voice his opinions on his competitors, YouTube and Spotify, in a freestyle: “I feel like YouTube is the biggest culprit, Them n****s pay you a tenth of …

pg-adminJay Z Plays Free Show For Tidal Subscribers

Ones To Watch… Farr Festival

Everyone can agree that the festival scene is saturated now and it looks as though everyone wants to have a go at curating one with the likes of Disclosure’s Wildlife and Annie Mac’s Lost and Found recently added to the summer roster. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. There’s a festival for whichever pocket of artists you want to see, which means …

pg-adminOnes To Watch… Farr Festival

REVIEW: Prurient – Frozen Niagara Falls

What’s your favourite double-album? Physical Graffiti? The White Album? Something by Mike Oldfield? Fair enough. Now what’s your favourite double-album specifically from the noise music genre? Merzbow’s Frog? Skullflower’s Strange Keys To Untune Gods’ Firmament? The New Form Of The Organic Machine by the gimp-masked Finnish electro-deafener Grunt? It’s hard to choose, isn’t it? That might be because often the …

pg-adminREVIEW: Prurient – Frozen Niagara Falls

Four Tet Reveals Details Of Upcoming Album

Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebden has just revealed the details of his upcoming album which is out early July. The record, ‘Morning / Evening’, will be released via Hebden’s own Text imprint. He revealed the details of the release on Twitter this morning.   Watch Four Tet at Boiler Room below.

pg-adminFour Tet Reveals Details Of Upcoming Album